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Taking responsibility - We may try our best to get things right but making mistakes is something we all have in common. It means when we don’t get it right, we take responsibility for our actions and their consequences - and we respect others who do the same.

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The foundation of a relationship - We believe compassion for oneself and each other is essential as it promotes mental and emotional wellbeing - which is important in all our lives.

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A step to happiness - Life is short. Now more than ever, we need to do things that bring us joy. Finding and celebrating joy in the smallest moments gives us hope for a better tomorrow. This is especially important for those days when it’s a struggle to find it.

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Essential for our wellbeing - Balance to us means not letting any single thing dominate one's life. It means having a healthy balance in all aspects of our lives, whether that’s work/life balance or how to balance togetherness and alone time.



A powerful tool in your toolkit - Too often we can get stuck on what’s not going well, and we may lose sight of what’s working. We believe learning to be grateful for those small or big things, increases hope and optimism.

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